Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rumi - Became water, found myself a mirage....

تا آب شدم سراب دیدم خود را
دریا گشتم،حباب دیدم خود را
آگاه شدم غفلت خود را دیدم
بیدار شدم بخواب دیدم خود را

Pronunciation in Persian :
aa = pronounce as "a" in far or "u" in "up"
kh = pronounce as a strong k German "ch" 
gh= pronounce as  a strong g in ghef-lateh as the vocalist pronounce 
That's it, You know Persian now! Enjoy the music!
Please read the following lyric once before listening to the music and then follow the lines when the vocalist is singing them. 

Taa aab shodam, saraab didam khod raa!
Became water, found myself a mirage!

Daryaa gashtam, hobaab didam khod raa,
Became sea, found myself a bubble!

Aagaah shodam, ghef-lateh khod raa didam,
Became aware, found my ignorance!

Bidaar shodam, beh khaab didam khod raa!
Woke up, found myself asleep!

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