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Simin Behbahani, Poet - And one of her beautiful poems "Oh my homeland! I will build you once again"

Simin Behbahāni[1] (Persian: سیمین بهبهانی‎‎; 20 June 1927 – 19 August 2014) was a prominent Iranian poet, activist and translator. She was Iran's national poet and an icon of the modern Persian poetry, Iranian intelligentsia and literati who affectionately refer to her as the lioness of Iran.[2] She was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in literature, and has "received many literary accolades around the world."[3]

Source : Wikipedia

دوباره می‌سازمت وطن" سیمین بهبهانی"

* * * * * *

دوباره می‌سازمت وطن!

اگرچه با خشت جان خویش

ستون به سقف تو می‌زنم

اگرچه با استخوان خویش

دوباره می‌بویم از تو گل

به‌میل نسل جوان تو

دوباره می‌شویم از تو خون

به‌سیل اشک روان خویش

دوباره یک روز روشنا

سیاهی از خانه می‌رود

به شعر خود رنگ می‌زنم

ز آبی آسمان خویش

اگرچه صدساله مُرده‌ام

به‌گور خود خواهم ایستاد

که بردَرَم قلبِ اهرمن

به‌نعرۀ آنچنان خویش

اگر چه پیرم ولی هنوز
مجال تعلیم اگر بُوَد

جوانی آغاز می‌کنم

کنار نوباوگان خویش

Translated by Daylaman from its original Persian
© copyright - All rights reserved.

Oh my homeland! I will build you once again,
With the dust of my soul when I have to!
Set pillars under your ceilings,
With my bones when I have to!

The fragrance of your flowers once again,
I will feel as your young generation,
Will wash the blood off your face,
With the stream of my tears when I have to!

On a bright sunny day once again,
The darkness will disappear from this home,
And I will color my poems once again,
With the blue color of your sky that day!

A hundred years past my death if so,
Will stand up on my grave one day,
To pull the devil’s heart from his chest,
With such a lioness yell of me that day!

If I am too old for all these, you say,
If there is still a chance to learn,
Will rejuvenate ,
Beside my grandchildren that day!

Song: "Oh my homeland! I will build you once again,"
Poet: Simin Behbahani
Music: Daryoush Eghbali

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