Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A poem from Mohammad Reza Shafei Kadkani (Iranian scholar, author and poet)

Mohammad Reza Shafei Kadkani 

This is an informal translation of a short poem in Persian that I like very much. All the the responsibility of bad translation is mine and not from the original poem!

In this poem a desert flower is talking to the breeze passing by in the desert!

English translation by Daylaman Blog:
What is the rush and where are you going to?
The desert flower asks the breeze!
I am depressed here, replies the breeze!
This desert and its sands and you should also leave!
I wish I could, stuck in the ground are though my feet!
 So where are you rushing to?
Anywhere except here to be!
Have a safe journey from this awful desert and please!
Give my regards to blossoms, rain and trees!

Original Poem in Persian:
 شاعر: محمدرضا شفیعی کدکنی 

به کجا چنین شتابان ؟
گون از نسیم پرسید
دل من گرفته زینجا
هوس سفر نداری
ز غبار این بیابان ؟
 همه آرزویم اما
 چه کنم که بسته پایم
به کجا چنین شتابان ؟
به هر آن کجا که باشد به جز این سرا سرایم
سفرت به خیر !‌ اما تو و دوستی خدا را
چو از این کویر وحشت به سلامتی گذشتی
به شکوفه ها به باران
 برسان سلام ما را

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